MA2 Unit Two Studio Practice

I have begun to form ideas regarding the  Testing your Boundaries seminar in relation to my own practice.

Possible spaces that I have primarily been drawn to are Churches in my local area particularly where my father’s grave is in Hurst. My work has always been about exploration of the human psyche and the cross over or overlaps between internal and external spaces. I am going to visit this church to get a sense of the space and to arrange a meeting to discuss showing small sculptural pieces in response to the inside and outside space.

I feel church settings or church institutions have a lot of connotations that I would like to explore further in terms of location and audience as well as contemporary art connections.

When I consider the existence of the Church and the space of it there is an element of an absolute space something slightly unreal and removed from our everyday life. So much of time spent within a church is dedicated to inward contemplation and prayer. The outward buildings of churches have their own identity and symbols  even codes?

The function of the church and it’s decorative elements at times seem to contradict themselves. It is still early thoughts but I think I would like to explore how these spaces can be seen as voids today.

I have started to re-read “The Production of Space” by Henri Lefebvre Chapter V1 From Absolute Space to Abstract Space. This begins with the question:

“What is the mode of existence of absolute space? Is it imagined or is it real?”

He continues to say, ” There is thus a sense in which the existence of absolute space is purely mental, and hence ‘imaginary’. In another sense, however, it also has a social existence, and hence a specific and powerful ‘reality’. The ‘mental’ is realised in a chain of social activities because, in the temple, in the city, in the monuments and palaces, the imaginary is transformed into the real.”




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