St Nicholas Church , Hurst.




imageToday I visited St Nicholas’ Church in Hurst as my thoughts are towards seeing if I can exhibit my work here. I would prefer to make new work which responds to a space,and the Church or a religious space I feel would be challenging in content. The Church is still considered backward thinking and restrictive when it comes to critical art.
How or what I would produce has led me to looking at other artist’s responses to the Church, some examples are the work of Antony Gormley in Canterbury Cathedral in a piece called Transport. Gormley depicts the transient aspects of life with a figure that is made of nails.The piece relates intimately with the space, and religions doctrine, while not excluding those without specific religious views.
During my visit I had mixed feelings, the doors to the Church were closed and the windows had metal bars on them. The feel was not welcoming or inviting as a space but somewhat intimidating.
I was struck by one window where light was escaping through from inside the church itself.The window had Latin inscriptions and there was a small glimpse of the interior.This was the only window where there was light the rest looked dark and un inviting.The exterior walls were made of stone flints the central tower red brick.
I would like to see more of the inside and perhaps the plans of the site itself to see if there is some kind of logic to the space, a central point?
How do I read this space?
“Space offers itself like a mirror to the thinking ‘subject’.


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