For the work I will produce for Testing Boundaries , I would like to create a sense of translucency through my use of materials.



image image1. Allowing light to pass through partially or diffusely; semitransparent

word origin

From Latin translucere to shine through, from trans + lucere to shine

“The illusion of transparency. Here space appears as luminous, as intelligible, as giving action free rein. What happens in space lends a miraculous quality to thought, which becomes incarnate by means of a design [in both senses of the world.] The design serves as a mediator – itself of great fidelity – between mental activity.

The illusion of transparency goes hand in hand with a view of space as innocent, as free of traps or secret places.”

The Production of Space  Henri Lefebvre

I would like to create a free flow between inside and outside in my work and through choosing the location of my work I hope to emphasise these thoughts. I am aware that the Church possesses complex symbolism and therefore am researching how other artists have worked within a religious space.


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