Martyrs Bill Viola & Zigzag Francesca Woodman

Martyrs is placed at the east end of the Dean’s aisle and is configured in a manner similar to historical altarpieces.

In Viola’s work we see martyrdom as something we would be willing to die for, alone, and as a sacrifice for our faith, conscience or other people. Martyr is a Greek word meaning witness. The very east end of the Cathedral , where the work is placed used to hold an altar dedicated to martyrs.

” For me the rumour of God is very loud in the work, as enigmatic as it is profound, and I have no doubt the work will be a spiritual encouragement to those who spend time with it.”

Commentary on Martyrs: The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedralimage

This this exhibition worked well in the Cathedral and people took time to watch the 7 minutes from start to finish. It slows down our thinking and is accessible to all faiths. Fragility and strength are shown in all four individuals facing different natural forces.

Francesca Woodman Zigzag

This exhibition considers the zigzag and other abstract geometrical forms as recurring visual themes in Woodman’s work.

I chose to visit this exhibition as I am fascinated by the way Woodman manages to blend the human body into it’s surroundings. I also love her photographs of shapes of light, often zig zags.image


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