Why is water so central to Christian religious life?

I have once again been unable to meet with other members of the group so am relying on Facebook as a means of seeing what others are proposing for this task.

I had some good news as the Reverend of the church has agreed to me showing my work which gives me a definite space to show my work.

I am still pursuing water as a theme and have been researching the symbolism and relevance to Christianity. I have also been to Virgina Water to photograph the waterfall there. I am interested in flowing, moving water in particular.

Water in Christianity is primarily associated with baptism. At the same time it contains a great number of symbols, for example: destruction, death and burial, life, purification, cleansing, healing, blessing, sanctification, baptism, the presence of the Holy Spirit, divine grace, redemption and salvation.

In baptism water symbolises death, and receives the body like a tomb. Thus water prepares a person for the spirit. This belief is associated with the idea of the duality of human essence consisting of two natures, spiritual ( soul) and corporeal ( body). Water purifies the body, and the spirit cleanses the soul, thus accomplishing rebirth from above and illumination of the whole human being.image image image


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