Contemporary Art in Briti Churches

Today I taught in a Catholic Church school where I taught the creation story to year 1. The school is based around worshiping Jesus and children pray in the morning at lunch and at the end of the day. At lunch they stood behind their tables with hands in prayer before eating. A very different experience for me as a teacher.

I have started to read a book ” Contemporary Art in British Churches”  Edited by Laura Moffatt and Eileen Daly. It is giving me an insight into past work in religious settings. imageAntony Gormley’s partially submerged figure Sound 11, 1986

in the flooded vaults of Winchester Cathedral.image imageRose Finnkelcey’s It Pays To Pray, 1999, vending machiimage imagenes

were installed at the Millenium Dome. Non- denominational prayers were produced and your 20p coin was transformed and returned to you a sparkling metallic blue.

Mark Wallinger’s Eccentric Homo 1999, sited on the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square .


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