What in Heaven’s name are we here for?

Yesterday I attended a service at St Nicholas’, and it was a challenge! I went by myself and the service lasted nearly 2 hours. In the hymn book was a post it note with the question, “what in Heaven’s name are we here for?” This question was discussed by the vicar during the service. The service included Holy communion with the taking of bread and wine. I have not been to Church for a long time. I found the experience thought provoking and at the end of the service spoke with the vicar and church wardens about my ideas. They were enthusiastic and welcoming.
I discussed my theme of water with the vicar who gave me some areas of the Bible to look at.
The whole experience was positive but testing to.
I felt throughout the service awkward and very alone. The hymn book and programme gave me something to hold and look at. We were also given a book mark with the same question.
” What in Heavens name are we here for?”
The Church building itself had many interesting spaces and I spent a lot of time looking and taking in the possibilities for displaying work. What do I want to achieve from this?
This morning I had my tutorial with Les Bicknell, this helped to consolidate some of my thinking. I want to make sure I incorporate the audience with my work and was interested in the use of the hymn books. Perhaps I could insert bookmarks at the service with biblical and non biblical quotes on water? I have recorded sayings in relation to water in my sketchbook, such as ” keeping your head above water.”
The vicar has invited me to attend a baptism in October to give me more insight into the ritual.
After my tutorial I went to a lock in Henley as I wanted to photograph more running water.
I spent this evening drawing water focusing on it’s flow and shapes.


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