English Martyrs

I have had two days teaching supply in a school called English Martyrs. A school where the children prayed in the morning at lunch and before leaving school. This seemed to be a co- incidence to the work I have been making to display at St Nicholas’ Church.
Maybe I am becoming more aware of religion?
The rituals the students went through made me think as to whether they are comforting to adults and is this false comfort?
My paintings at present are coming and going in their processes, layering of paint through a process of covering with paint. I have begun writing facts about water and biblical quotes onto the canvas but feel the need to cover them with paint so they are partially hidden.
I am starting to feel panicked as to how my work will be seen by the viewers How much is my work being influenced by the context of being in a religious setting.
Our seminar this week was about context. When asked to reflect on what had been discussed.
What baggage do I bring to this space about the space resonated with me?
Do I believe in God? Am I using the space well? Will I get my work completed in time and will I feel satisfied with what I have done?
These questions are just a few of the thoughts I am having. I know there is a lot of work to do.


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