Displaying the paintings for Testing Boundaries

Today I installed my paintings at St Nicholas’ in Hurst. I felt anxious about how they would look in a Church setting and how I would display them. Luckily the church wardens helped me and allowed me to place the four paintings under each window.
The light from the windows helped to show the paintings and provided a backdrop to them. The Church is quite dark inside and the paintings needed to be seen from a higher angle than if they had been placed on the floor against a wall.
I have had bookmarks made and left them next to a comment book at the entrance of the Church.
The service tomorrow is a Remembrance service and I did not feel it would be appropriate placing a bookmark in the hymn books as the service is too specific. The wardens have said that I can leave the work up for three weeks which will allow for more audience interaction.
I felt so relieved to have put the work in place as there are so many different aspects to showing work in a religious setting. I feel more confident in considering approaching different venues to show my work and want to become more involved and active in this way.


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