Service of Remembrance

Service of Remembrance

Service of Remembrance

Today I attended the service of Remembrance at St Nicholas with my family. The service was personally emotional and having my paintings around me was a strange feeling. Because of the nature of the service I was unable to gauge what people thought of my work or whether they even noticed them! There was so much content to the service that people’s attention were focused inward. It made me think how in formal settings we are often less relaxed and possibly aware of our immediate surroundings.
I left a comment book and my bookmarks with a statement explaining my work but again as the service continued outside to the war memorial I don’t think anyone would have had time to write a comment.
I do feel relieved that the work seemed to work in the space. The experience has tested me and brought to my attention how in a religious setting contemporary art can give a new or different element to the space.


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