I have begun to make smaller spiral forms still using clay but removing circular shapes so the next layer of the spiral can be seen.

“The un concealing of the concealed into un concealment is the very presenting of what is present.”


The overlapping spaces created by removing parts of the spiral interests me, I intend to explore different materials to create a more transparent form.

Seeing through.
Seeing through.

Heidegger : On Time and Being



imageThe theme of inside/ outside has been a constant theme in my practice. I have begun experimenting with the spiral form as a way of exploring this theme. Often internal spaces are seen as private spaces that are an extension of the self. This space is not neutral and not shared with others; there is a relationship between the sense of self and actual physical privacy.

Mikhail Bakhtin has described the relationship of the self with the other, with the outside, as a situation that is always on the border, in which the interior and the exterior are in a constant process of realisation.

“Man has no internal sovereign territory, he is all and always on the boundary; looking within himself.”

Reference: Bakhtin Mikhail: The Dialogical Principle (311-12)