The spiral

image imageThe spiral form as a way of showing both inside and outside interests me as well as spaces relating to the body.

” The body unites us directly with the things through it’s own onto genesis, by welding to one another the two outlines of which its made, it’s two laps : the sensible mass it is and the mass of the sensible where in it is born by segregation and upon which ……it remains open.”

Merleau-Ponty: The Visible and the Invisible p.136


Making Day 14 th February 2015

image imageMy aim for the day was to make a much larger spiral from porcelain to see how scale affects the content of my work. I thought that it would work but it collapsed gradually. At first I felt disappointed, like I had failed but after photographing and looking at what was in front of me I could see elements of inside / outside that were like body parts.

Other members in the making day suggested using a support and the artist Lawrence Edwards was recommended to look at. He works with clay and casts in bronze leaving sticks within the work. When I visited his blog I particularly liked how he cut away parts of the form and re-attached them.

Even though at times I felt frustrated with the outcome I am planning to make drawings from sections as the ambiguity of the images interest me.


imageI have started to work in porcelain returning to the inside of the body and the human heart. This sculpture explores the arteries that emerge from the heart, they are like large tubes that pump the blood to the lungs.

To relate to my thoughts on sculpture and the boundaries of inside and outside; I want the viewer to be able to attempt to see what is inside the form but to realise that this boundary between inside and outside keeps us from seeing properly. We never seem to seem to find an inside, just more space, more outside newly exposed. When we see a surgical operation we expect to see an inside but we see more space. Going further in reveals the original outside. If we probe too far into the reality of within, the within will disappear.