Visiting Artist tutorial: David Kefford

image imageMy tutorial has given me much to think about in terms of my approach to working. After talking to David Kefford I feel more aware of the importance of drawing in my art making process and that perhaps I had become stilted or had been over thinking.

I have started making overlapping drawings on tracing paper and intend to make larger more experimental pieces using different conditions. Breaking my habit of working within my sketchbook where I feel I may be limiting myself.


The Dialectics of Outside and Inside

“Outside and inside form a dialectic of division, the obvious geometry of which blinds us as soon as we bring it into play in metaphorical domains. It has the sharpness of the dialectics of yes and no, which decides everything. Unless one is careful, it is made into a basis of images that govern all thoughts of positive and negative.”

Gaston Bachelard

Reference: Bachelard,G: The Poetics of Space: Chapter 9: The Dialectics of Outside and InsideimageThe ambiguity of the space between inside and outside raises questions such as : At what point is a space rendered external? Is this space it’s own boundary or Space?

Repetitive processes

imageI have been exploring spirals as a metaphor of the boundaries between inside and outside. Gaston Bachelard described outside and inside form as a dialectic of division. What interests me are the overlaps between the two.

“But what a spiral man’s being represents! And what a number of invertible dynamisms there are in this spiral! One no longer knows right away whether one is running towards the centre or escaping.”

“And if we want to determine man’s being, we are never sure of being closer to ourselves if we ” withdraw” into ourselves, if we move toward the centre of the spiral; for often it is in the heart of being that being is errancy. Sometimes, it is in being outside itself that being tests consistencies. Sometimes too it is closed in, as it were, on the outside. Later,  I shall give a poetic text in which the prison is outside.”

Reference: Bachelard, G: The Poetics of Space: Chapter 9 : The Dialectics of Outside and Inside (p,229 ,p.230).

Repetition is a method of generating difference and of creating fluidity.