imageMy thoughts on the boundaries between inside and outside the body have been helped by the discovery of Duchamp’s term Infra-thin. This is a word Duchamp used for measuring the almost imperceptible margins of differences between two items. Infra-thin measures the all but immeasurable interstice between two things. Infra- thin is impossible to define, it can only be illustrated.

I have decided to experiment with tissue paper casting and finer materials to explore a sense of transparency. Thinking carefully about thresholds between inside and outside the body, the skin divides outside from inside, separating visible from invisible. Clothing acts as a surrogate, fake skin. Skins are multilayered, and can be shed little by little and is the most extensive organ of the body. There are skins that cover and protect and skins that expose and endanger and skins that perform both. Simultaneously skins are the surface of a depth structure . Sensitivity to difference is central to the infra- thin.

When making my tissue paper casts I experimented with different thicknesses in my pieces to create as much transparency within them as possible. This transparency enables both inside and outside to be seen at once. I feel that I can explore this further by experimenting with different types of paper to cast with.



I am currently posting a drawing each day on the MA cohorts Facebook page. This is giving me a focus in producing quicker more experimental work. Blogging daily is something that I would like to do. Currently I am working in my sketch book and realise that is a way of avoiding showing/ sharing my work for fear of it not being “good enough”.

My provocation was on Failure and I realise that self censorship is something that I need to overcome. In my tutorial David Kefford talked about being paralysed by theory. Feeling the need to justify what I am doing may be stopping a form of freedom that I need in my work. Free writing is important to develop my thinking around my practice.

I have been using drawing apps on my IPad to create layered drawings to convey the overlaps between inner and outer that interests me.image imageTo further develop my drawings I would like to work on a much larger scale so that I use my body more. Experimental drawings where I explore the dimensions of the body through stretching, drawing on tip toes or outside is how I would like to see my work develop.

Artist Statement

imageIn my practice I am exploring the boundaries and transitions between inside and outside the human body. I am currently making sculptures using porcelain and plaster to make the spiral form to explore the overlap between inner and outer. The work is a process of revealing where visible and invisible meet. By incising, wearing away and scooping out a portion of space previously hidden is seen.The fragility of these boundaries is expressed through my choice of materials; where I am particularly interested in where one form encloses another as an interlocking space. By working on a small scale I produce work that can be displayed in groupings on a larger scale. Through the repetitive process of making these forms I am helped to understand these spaces. Drawing is also an important part of my working processes to record and develop my ideas and processes.