I am currently posting a drawing each day on the MA cohorts Facebook page. This is giving me a focus in producing quicker more experimental work. Blogging daily is something that I would like to do. Currently I am working in my sketch book and realise that is a way of avoiding showing/ sharing my work for fear of it not being “good enough”.

My provocation was on Failure and I realise that self censorship is something that I need to overcome. In my tutorial David Kefford talked about being paralysed by theory. Feeling the need to justify what I am doing may be stopping a form of freedom that I need in my work. Free writing is important to develop my thinking around my practice.

I have been using drawing apps on my IPad to create layered drawings to convey the overlaps between inner and outer that interests me.image imageTo further develop my drawings I would like to work on a much larger scale so that I use my body more. Experimental drawings where I explore the dimensions of the body through stretching, drawing on tip toes or outside is how I would like to see my work develop.


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