imageI have been creating my final piece of spirals by placing them onto white Perspex. I experimented with different layouts, firstly by creating a much larger spiral . I decided to create a square grid as I felt it emphasised the repetition of the work and it’s importance. By placing these disordered spirals into a grid format I felt the subtle differences of each piece could be more clearly seen.

Repetition is a form of learning : Vygotsky explained that repeated experience ” precedes here not in a circle but in a spiral, passing through the same point at each new revolution while advancing to a higher level. (P.56) Through repetition the need for sign- mediated association ” becomes no longer necessary.” ( Vygotsky 1994. ┬áp.66) and the process of internalisation takes place.

Whether my associations with the body have become less obvious does not seem to matter to me. The underlying processes that I have been through have led me to this point. Alongside this work I am still drawing and making casts of old dental moulds of teeth. Internal processes of thinking and the verbalisation of these are gradually appearing and evolving in my work.

I feel that by returning to the immediacy of drawing I can develop my ideas further. The spatial aspects of the body in relation to the house I would like to explore further. Looking at the body as form, length, width and height externally in relation to more introspective enigmatic spaces of memory and the unconscious reality.

Materialy I would like to explore a wider range of materials too: possibly glass and mirrors. Duchamp saw glass as an agent of time and philosophy.


Vygotsky,L : Mind in Society,1978: p.56



image image

The presentations last night were a great way to see everyone’s work and to hear how ideas are developing. After each presentation we were asked to think of 3 words to describe the work. This exercise was brilliant in that in 2 minutes we had to think quickly and carefully. For my work the following words were said: sincere, whole, bio- beauty, organic, fragility, porous boundaries, quietly, intense, watchful, shape, experiment , spatial,materiality, biological., bodily, intervening, interior, anatomical, delicate, experimental,research, development,meaningful,diverse, personal, evocative, thought provoking and introspective. To be given all these new words in connection to my work was very special as I realise that communicating through making art is what ┬ádrives me to make work.

At the end of the evening I placed my fired spirals that I had collected that day onto a mirror to photograph. When I looked up at the ceiling there was a shadow which I photographed. The surprise of seeing the shadow has started the seed for new ideas.