imageI have been creating my final piece of spirals by placing them onto white Perspex. I experimented with different layouts, firstly by creating a much larger spiral . I decided to create a square grid as I felt it emphasised the repetition of the work and it’s importance. By placing these disordered spirals into a grid format I felt the subtle differences of each piece could be more clearly seen.

Repetition is a form of learning : Vygotsky explained that repeated experience ” precedes here not in a circle but in a spiral, passing through the same point at each new revolution while advancing to a higher level. (P.56) Through repetition the need for sign- mediated association ” becomes no longer necessary.” ( Vygotsky 1994.  p.66) and the process of internalisation takes place.

Whether my associations with the body have become less obvious does not seem to matter to me. The underlying processes that I have been through have led me to this point. Alongside this work I am still drawing and making casts of old dental moulds of teeth. Internal processes of thinking and the verbalisation of these are gradually appearing and evolving in my work.

I feel that by returning to the immediacy of drawing I can develop my ideas further. The spatial aspects of the body in relation to the house I would like to explore further. Looking at the body as form, length, width and height externally in relation to more introspective enigmatic spaces of memory and the unconscious reality.

Materialy I would like to explore a wider range of materials too: possibly glass and mirrors. Duchamp saw glass as an agent of time and philosophy.


Vygotsky,L : Mind in Society,1978: p.56


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