The Consuming Body

imageI am currently reading ” The Consuming Body” by Pasi Falk where the mouth is talked of as being the most controlled sensory opening of the body. With influx from eating and the sublimated out flux of speech. Derrida describes the mouth as a curious in- between of the outside and inside.

Bodily boundaries and flows through it’s orifices are mainly defined from the outside. The mouth is a body opening which intermediates flows in both directions. The body is characterised by a certain kind of openness. This I intend to explore more directly through drawing the immediacy of which I hope to convey in my work.

My work has been submitted for examining and the importance of daily practice seems to be one in which I want to re- establish. Keeping focused on where my work is going feels so important at the moment. Remaining focused and disciplined is what helps my work to move forward. I have sent some images of my Testing Boundaries paintings to a local gallery as they are having an exhibition based on Water. I think I was too late in applying as it starts soon. This aspect of selling my work needs to be cultivated as I currently don’t have a website.

I have heard back from The Tate Gallery regarding PHD studentships and I need to start thinking about writing a proposal and to find a supervisor. The Tate also provide a supervisor and the scheme sounds exciting. To pursue a PHD in conjunction with The Tate would be an amazing opportunity.

I cleaned and cleared my working space today and planted seeds in the garden which made me feel positive and keen to continue working. Last night I was speaking to a friend about blogging and how reluctant I have felt about sharing my thoughts online. I intend to record my thoughts daily now to create more flow and connection with my thinking and practice.

References: Derrida , 1986 xxxviii

Falk, P : The Consuming Body, 1994, SAGE Publication Ltd, London.


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