Yorkshire Sculpture Park

image imageWhen I took my work to Barnsley I visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The work I saw there that resonated with me was a piece of work by James Turrell. It was made in an old deer shelter and represented Turrell’s ideas on inside and outside. On walking into the shelter there was a square cut out of the ceiling. It was a sunny, bright day and the light filled the space. People could sit around the edge and look up to the sky. The effect was incredible in that it was an experience that connected all in the room. Everyone was quiet and meditative in the space and the natural light framed by the square created shadows on the walls that shifted and moved.

Henry Moore’s sculptures were outside set amongst the landscape and sheep. The setting was perfect for the sculptures; allowing for them to be seen clearly from all angles. The scale of them was impressive and the holes removed from them allowed the landscape to be seen through them.

In the 18th Century Chapel there was an exhibition by Venetian brother and sister Laura de Santillana and Alessandro Diaz de. They are descendants of the Venni glassware dynasty and this is their first British show. Alessandro has a primary obsession with water which he translates to the surfaces of his works that are displayed on the wall and floor. They have a sense of looking into deep, reflecting pools. The palette of the works are minimal but some of the work have intense deep colours like ” Nero Cm liquid black”. The setting of the chapel and the qualities of the work complemented each other. After putting my work within a religious setting for Testing Your Boundaries I really appreciated the sensitivity of the work to its setting.


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