Resin casts

imageI have been experimenting with resin casting from my hand. As it is the holidays I have more time to think about and make work which is helping to give continuity to my thoughts about where I am taking my work. The resins transparency gives the ambiguity of boundaries between inside and outside that I wanted. It is a material that I will use again. Spiral forms repeated in resin such as moulds from shells may be something I explore.

I have started a drawing on a huge sheet of paper of my feet; I wanted to work bigger so that I make more experimental drawings. I feel that drawing is important for me to get in touch with an immediacy of connecting with processes in art practice. The drawing is currently quite rigid in the way I am making it. I am trying not to judge my work at present but just do.

Blogging is probably best first thing when I wake up as I am also attempting not to judge what I put down again so that I free my thinking and gain a clarity about how my thoughts are developing.


Mould making

imageToday I took a mould of my hand using alginate. This is the first time I have used it and I found it worked well. I intend to take a cast using resin; it’s transparency will allow the form and it’s inside to be seen clearly.

I have also been experimenting with my drawings by taking photocopies of them and then drawing back into them. By doing these things I hope to begin flowing more in my practice. The almost invisible layers between inside and outside are hard to convey.

I have also been looking at Alice Through the Looking glass by Lewis Carroll as a way of exploring these invisible spaces. My stuck ness will only shift through making, journaling, reading etc. I am now on holiday from teaching for six weeks and intend to get my focus back.


imageI have been looking at the work of Francesca Woodman and her book Some disordered Interior Geometries 1980-1981. It shows on page 10 a photograph of a white, square cloth hanging on a wall. Woodman appears to it’s side , covered with a long white apron, her face hidden in her hands. The apron extends the entire length of her figure making her body appear triangular in form. A fold in the hanging fabric mimics another in her dress. Woodman has written “Almost a square.” Under the photograph. Francesca Woodman has become almost a square or perhaps she is becoming part of the square itself? On the opposite page here are excercises on squares, triangles and quadrilaterals.

This piece is a discourse on two aspects of space. The square expresses man’s orientation in space and life. The architecture of bodily existence is determined by an invisible, immaterial world of pure form and geometry. Visual space, auditory space and haptic space all converge in the human mind- body. In gnomonic time; all phases exist in ever – present layers. Our bodies are therefore existing in these gnomonic layers. The square and its gnomon serve as an archetypal image of a certain kinds of growth in nature. This helps us see beyond the surface of things. These overlaps are make up our internal and external selves. The processes of these layers are shown in Woodman’s photographs through her use of props and blurring of her body.

With my own practice I intend to explore these layers through making drawings. The artist Jenny Saville has produced layered charcoal drawings, overlapping several drawings. This again has a sense of the merging of inside and outside.

Learning Journals: Jennifer Moon

imageI am currently reading ” Learning Journals ” by Jennifer Moon which is making me more aware of the importance of journaling each day. I know that it will help me to develop a stronger sense of identity in relation to my practice and what I am looking at.

I am making detailed drawings of my own mouth closed to continue with my research into the boundaries between inside and outside the body. I intend to work on a larger scale to change the perception of what I am drawing and to emphasise it’s ambiguity.

I  can see how by writing my thoughts I will gain greater confidence in expressing myself. I am feeling slightly disappointed with what I am currently producing as it feels directionless. A much clearer direction or resonance is needed. I feel like I am holding back but not quite sure why. By working much larger I hope my work will show freer more expressive mark making.

Journal writing

imageHaving discussed my thoughts on blogging and journal writing with my tutor I realise that I have to treat it more like a diary. At present I have not been journaling every day because of a self consciousness. I need to overcome this and start writing more freely.

Now we have a summer break approaching where I will not be teaching I feel that I can pour my energies into my art practice. I feel that I have not been communicating my ideas and intentions and intend to do this through this journal. My thinking is still around the body and it’s internal and external spaces and how they overlap.

The materials that I have been using are porcelain, plaster and drawing to express and show the folds and inbetween spaces of the body. I am curious about the ambiguity of these spaces and expressing the fluidity between the two. I feel I have reached a point where I am unsure where to take my work. Drawing is an immediate tool that helps to push through any mental/ artistic blocks.

I intend to focus on drawing more expressively and freely but to still focus on the bodies shapes and forms as overlapping forms. I am currently making small drawings from sections of the human skeleton. I am constantly drawn to this.