Journal writing

imageHaving discussed my thoughts on blogging and journal writing with my tutor I realise that I have to treat it more like a diary. At present I have not been journaling every day because of a self consciousness. I need to overcome this and start writing more freely.

Now we have a summer break approaching where I will not be teaching I feel that I can pour my energies into my art practice. I feel that I have not been communicating my ideas and intentions and intend to do this through this journal. My thinking is still around the body and it’s internal and external spaces and how they overlap.

The materials that I have been using are porcelain, plaster and drawing to express and show the folds and inbetween spaces of the body. I am curious about the ambiguity of these spaces and expressing the fluidity between the two. I feel I have reached a point where I am unsure where to take my work. Drawing is an immediate tool that helps to push through any mental/ artistic blocks.

I intend to focus on drawing more expressively and freely but to still focus on the bodies shapes and forms as overlapping forms. I am currently making small drawings from sections of the human skeleton. I am constantly drawn to this.


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