Resin casts

imageI have been experimenting with resin casting from my hand. As it is the holidays I have more time to think about and make work which is helping to give continuity to my thoughts about where I am taking my work. The resins transparency gives the ambiguity of boundaries between inside and outside that I wanted. It is a material that I will use again. Spiral forms repeated in resin such as moulds from shells may be something I explore.

I have started a drawing on a huge sheet of paper of my feet; I wanted to work bigger so that I make more experimental drawings. I feel that drawing is important for me to get in touch with an immediacy of connecting with processes in art practice. The drawing is currently quite rigid in the way I am making it. I am trying not to judge my work at present but just do.

Blogging is probably best first thing when I wake up as I am also attempting not to judge what I put down again so that I free my thinking and gain a clarity about how my thoughts are developing.


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