Working outside.

imageYesterday morning I continued on my large drawing outside and started to add old house paints to it. This was mainly because I had run out of white chalk but I also wanted to see if I could create a diffferent surface quality to the work. My thoughts went to Anselm Kiefer’s large black and white photographs onto which he draws and adds materials like sand and straw.

In the afternoon I read a new book that I have brought on Francesca Woodman. I am drawn to the way she shows the human body merging with their surroundings. Perhaps I will make a  large scale study from one of her photographs to help me consolidate my thoughts on her work. The more I read and see of her work the more I want to study it.

I was also reading about the term The Trace relating to the transition between inside and outside. This is what I feel Francesca Woodman is showing in her work. How can I convey this? Drawing may be a solution.

Writing my blog first thing as soon as I wake is the time whilst I am on holiday is helping. When I am working the evenings are better. I seem to still write mainly in my sketchbook and I think this is because I prefer the immediacy of writing than typing.


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