imageI realise that I feel stuck at the moment. I am reading  range of writers and feel like I am looking for something that I am unable to verbalise. I was reading ” The Visible and the Invisible” by Maurice Merleau Ponty; in particular his chapter called ” The Intertwining – The Chiasm. He asks the question ” Where are we to put the limit between the body and the world, since the world is flesh? Where in the body are we to put the seer , since evidently there is in the body only ” shadows stuffed with organs”, that is, more of the visible? The world seen is not ” in” my body, and my body is not “in” the visible world ultimately: as flesh applied to a flesh, the world neither surrounds it nor is surrounded by it.”

How to convey this through art? ” Shadows stuffed with organs” creates images for me. Perhaps I need to explore working from words?

Merleau-Ponty , M ” The Visible and the invisible ” Northwestern University Press, 1968


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