Using sculptural and drawn processes to explore the boundaries between inside and outside the body.

imageWhen I consider what I am researching I am wanting to convey a logic of flow between inside and outside. I saw these glass heads at Dartington glass factory and their transparency reminded me of the resin that I used to cast my hand. The quality of openness and dualism is important in conveying these spaces. It is the body that allows us to be physically situated in the world and to combine internal and external resources effortlessly and fluidly.

How I evolve my work through using different materials to show the layers between inside and outside the body by positioning and placement of different materials next to each other is a possible way of developing my thinking.

Spatial metaphors for showing inside/ outside space overlaps are seen in empty spaces, cupboards, corners,, holes and openings. When looking at creases and folds of the body and their ambiguity I am seeing these spatial metaphors.


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