I have been looking at Francesca Woodman’s photographs a lot. This self portrait really struck me and I decided to make a drawing from it. From her mouth glass letters emerge. This image makes me think about how when we speak our thoughts become externalised and sometimes hang frozen in the air. Sometimes we want to take those words back but we can’t.

Woodman’s imagery fascinates me; partly because of her clever use of found objects placed next to, in front of or behind the body. Her use of her own body and the resources she has to hand are images that I find I want to stay with and study. To create this in my own practice in terms of creating work that allows people to stay with it and want to study is important to me.

Drawing at the moment seems to be what I want to explore further. Possibly looking at my own face as a whole with my mouth open.

Writing in this way immediately in an almost stream of consciousness is going to be important for this year and the future. It is not a diary so what do I leave out? Yesterday I was diagnosed with an auto immune thyroid disease which I will need to take medication for and have blood tests every two month. This is going to take a bit of getting used to. I don’t want it to be self absorbing or distracting from my work. I will just have to see how it goes.


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