Large spiral

image image image imageSpirals
August 24, 2015
This piece started with me drawing myself. Thinking of my theme of the transitions between inside and outside the body by drawing myself and then overlapping different viewpoints. I wanted to use different materials so drew using a glue gun and pencil. I didn’t like what I had done so started covering the drawing with white paint. This covering up is something I often do. My thoughts went to how we use make up to do this. In fact I was really unclear about what I was doing and picked up a book on geometry which had a diagramatic drawing of a spiral and drew it over the top. I then used pages from an old anatomy book to collage the spiral. I wanted to do a more systematically produced piece of work. It is like I am looking for order when there feels like there is none at present. As if I just want things to click into place so I know exactly what I am doing. I need clear direction. My thoughts are too scattered and this bothers me.


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