Making Day 10th October 2015

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As part of the MA course at OCA we have set making days where a small group come together and work from 9 am -4pm. Today I had already decided that I was going to continue with a large scale drawing that I had started at the beginning of the week.

I decided that I would write my thoughts as I made my drawing in a kind of stream of consciousness. They went as follows:

Enveloping feeling of the fold, meditational focus of drawing, link with thought processes, uniformity of marks, Sol Le Witt wall drawings, hiding behind work?

Sagging folds of the body, drawing as an extension of the body/ psyche. Paper actually folding.

I did this for the first hour and then a book arrived in the post that I had ordered. Deleuze:(2006)The Fold. It distracted me and I began to flick through it, picking out words and names.

Deleuze discusses Foucault and Leibniz as his influences so they could be my next stop. He talks of folding as a form of doubling and thought as a kind of fold. He looks at interiority and exteriority , appearance and essence, surface and depth. He describes the fold of the inside as nothing more than the fold of the outside.

I realise that this book has arrived at the right moment for me. Deleuze compares our material selves, our bodies as folding of time or memory. This makes sense to me as my work concerns this relationship to oneself.

The day I felt gave me a structure to my work; I felt time went ridiculously quickly and I became lost in my work. Working intensely like this gave me an idea of how hard I need to work and to remain focused. We shared work at the end of the day which is interesting in that other people’s responses always differ and add to the work. I felt the day gave me a lot and look forward to continuing with my current drawings.


Deleuze, G . (2006) The Fold. Leibniz and the Baroque. Continuum. London.



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