Free writing.

The inside/outside dilemma of the body pre- occupies me. Edges, turning ourselves inside- out, flow and connectivity from outside to inside.

The scale of my work could be much larger so as to involve my whole self when working. Articulating my ideas involves finding a set of materials as a language and using processes that relate to my ideas. These processes are revealed through repetition.

I have bought some old books on the body and anatomy. The qualities of the pages and linear drawings are interesting me.

The lines repeating in folding and unfolding, enfolding and refolding are lines that divide and separate, they take us to unknown thresholds. Deleuze distinguishes lines as segmentary, molecular and transformational. The line can represent the fluid between space and the fold reveals that there is no boundary between inside and outside, but a lining, as each is folded into the other.

How do I show this?image



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