Making Day

Yesterday I worked on a long sculptural piece made from air packaging. Each “pocket” is covered with tissue paper and cut out images from medical books. The final material was  latex which gave the surface an overall skin- like feel. The images give clear links to the body.

My decision to use latex was partly because I had used it before and had enjoyed the transparent nature of the material. Also another student on the course shares some of my interests around her practice and it was suggested to us both to collaborate. So we both decided to experiment with latex on the making day.

At the end of the day we were all asked to share 3 words about each persons work.

This gave a deeper understanding of what messages your work is giving to the audience.



The words used to describe my work were air, layers, examination, medical, human body, disturbing, scientific, Frankenstein, manufactured, voluptuous, voluminous, visceral, bodily, internal, soft, spine and form.


















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