Installing work

This week has been installing the MA show which means the MA cohort met in person for the first time. The work is all now in place and as a group we are all going to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It has been an intense and rewarding few days where the display of my work has changed several times. Originally I planned to hang my work in folds; this worked well but the sculptural work needed to tie into the drawing more. On the last day of installing a new tutor came he came with fresh eyes. We discussed the importance of the drawers that I originally wanted to use. The tutor suggested removing their handles and to sand down the surface. The board underneath the drawing was lifted for the drawer to poke out from with the sculpture in it.Finally the drawing fell down when the tutor pulled it falling in a way which seemed to work ! I was unsure whether to leave it but felt it was more reflective of the ambiguou folding of the body that I had been exploring.




Reflecting on where I am before setting up the exhibition in Barnsley I feel I have learnt a lot about myself and how I work as an artist. Researching the Liminal spaces of the body in relation to Art and medecine is an area that is in constant change and flux and an I hope to clarify my focus over the summer by writing a PHD proposal . Reading university has agreed to help me put together a suitable proposal to work in conjunction with a joint supervised PHD with the Tate. I am excited at this prospect and I feel this is the right way forward for me. Research in relation to my chosen area will allow me the time and space to develop and nurture my practice.