(Re) finding and (re) situating.


Psychoanalysis and phenomenology focus on the body as it is experienced, whereas the inscriptive model is more concerned with the process by which the subject is marked , scarred, transformed and written upon or constructed by the various regimes of institutional and discursive powers.

Our bodies are storehouses of inscriptions and messages between our internal and external boundaries. Medical processes of removal and addition as well as cultural signs on the surface of body such as clothing, make up and living spaces all mark our bodies. These become like coded signs, often of a social nature.

How do these thought contribute to my practice? I have been incorporating geometric forms to curved aspects of the bodies internal organs. Attempting to analyse the bodies boundaries in terms of its boundaries and zones to show how each system is in a perpetual motion and interrelation with the other. Looking for signs, codes and synchronicity in the outside world with our internal states fascinates me.



Bodily Matters

IMG_9322.JPGI have not written in my blog since completing my MA which is now six months ago. I write in sketch books all the time and realise that by publishing my thoughts to a wider audience the context of what I do changes.

I hope to continue studying Art at PHD level and am currently formulating my research ideas. How are our bodies Liminal spaces?  A transitional place or territory?

Deleuze’s notion of the body as something beyond categorisations whose boundaries and organs are open and mutable interests me.These boundaries have moments of detteritorialization and flow, acceleration and rupture.

In my practical work since my MA I have begun using imagery from old medical books . The cutting out and changing of these medical illustrations has given my work a self made structure. Using fine medical tubing I have stitched through the paper  giving a sense of flow to the work. The medical world with it’s interventions of man made materials interests me. The edges of materials and the way they meet create spatial metaphors that are sometimes not immediately apparent. The fragility of these boundaries between inside and outside continues to represent a kind of hinge between a lived interior and the outer surface of our bodies.